Monday, December 22, 2014

Example to All of Us

Below is a story I extracted from The Star Online today. This story should be an example of helping each other regardless of race and religion. This is truly 1Malaysia. It is an example to all of us to live with each other, having mutual respect so we can live peacefully. 

PETALING JAYA: With Christmas less than a week away, three Malaysians showed the real spirit of giving by sacrificing their time and effort to help a woman and her sick daughter stranded along the North-South Expressway.
Chua Chee Heng, whose Facebook posting received 5,970 likes and 1,540 shares, said he was on the way to Johor Baru with Yeow Chin Khin when they saw a man standing in the middle of the road at 1am on Friday and diverting cars to the fast lane.
“Just as I noticed a car and motorcycle parked beside the road, I saw the man signalling for me to stop my car.
“I was sceptical as it was past midnight but I noticed a lady standing beside the road so Yeow and I decided to stop,” he said.
Chua said they later found out that the car belonging to Dania Qaisara, had broken down.
“To make matters worse, her young daughter in the car was ill,” he said, adding that Yeow diverted traffic with the torchlight from his handphone while he tried to jumpstart the car with one Suresh Menu, who had stopped to help earlier. 
Calls for a tow-truck failed and although the car started with the aid of jumper cables, the engine died whenever the lights were switched on.
Chua decided to let Dania drive without the lights while they followed.
At one point the car stalled again and Suresh had to swoop in on his motorcycle to push the vehicle forward.
“Every time it slowed down, he would push the car,” he said, adding that after an hour, they finally reached Dania’s house.
“Regardless of race and religion, we are all humans and we must help one another.
“This incident has truly reflected on what it means to be a proud Malaysian,” he wrote.
Commending their deed, netizens described how the incident had touched their hearts.
“This is the true 1Malaysia spirit we all love. May God bless the Good Samaritans,” commented Abdul Sani.
Kannan Thiagarajan hailed their efforts as he was proud to see Malaysians helping each other regardless of race.
Gan CG said the incident had rekindled his faith and that “there are still kind people who put their lives at peril even to help strangers.”
“This is the best example of 1Msia that everyone should not forget” wrote AnGie Chin-Tan.

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