Sunday, December 08, 2019

Bila Momentum Belum Sampai

Writing is not something so difficult for me to do. Be it in English or Malay. Tiada apa-apa masalah. Apabila saya buka blog ini, saya akan gatal tangan nak menulis. The main problem is getting the mood and idea. Once dah dapat, momentum memang tak boleh stop. Dia jadi macam waterfall after the rain. 

Few weeks earlier, one of my Bosses asked me to write an academic article. They wanted to pay for the publication fee using a grant. The problem is to start the ball rolling. Furthermore, need some fresh idea. Seriously I do have a lot of things to think of. But hey, all of us do have lotsa things to think of too.

After completing my thesis, 3/4 of the burden in my head had gone. Tiba-tiba jadi gian nak menulis. Itu yang menulis dalam blog But, to began writing something academically, idea kosong. 

Basically I do have some sort of basic idea regarding risks of records. For example, why do we need to analyze risk for records? How important it is in safeguarding the records. We all know that records nowadays are part of the strategic resource for an organization. For sure we would not want it to be destroy. So as you see, the basic idea is there. But the mood and momentum to write something scholarly up to 4 pages seems quite a distance. But I believe I can deliver on time. Just need to dig up some latest articles from my institutional database. 

Pray hard for the momentum to come. 

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