Wednesday, August 07, 2019

Update Windows 10 - PC Lag

Actually dah beberapa kali saya perhatikan setiap kali ada update dari Windows 10, PC saya akan jadi slow dan lag. Contohnya nak type words, dia akan slowly appear those alphabets one by one, seconds at time. One of my PC lab technician suggests that I use SSD for my Windows OS but I may have to sacrifice my CD ROM drive. Which make me think twice because sometimes I do use my CD ROM drive. 

And sometimes, after I managed to download the so called forced updates, tiba-tiba dia pending sebab ada issue. This latest update berlaku ketika saya sedang dalam proses nak siapkan something critical. Tiba-tiba PC jadi lembab sangat. I was suspicious as I know my PC does not lag when doing my work which just involves mostly Microsoft Words and sometimes excel.

So I enter the windows update center and saw that it was attempting to install its update but unfortunately could not do so. The reason is that I need to manually update something called Intel RST.

So basically I never knew what it was until I manually update at the advice of Mr Windows 10. Then selepas manually update that RST thing, need to restart my PC and now need to install the Windows update again. It took an enormous time juga nak install benda alah ni. Dari segi download tiada masalah as my office has a fast connection.

Last 2 night, I downloaded Mac OS Mojave and installed it on my MBA. Smooths as butter, download speed was superb, less than 3 minutes I think as I was using my home Unifi connection. Installing it took less than 20 minutes although it says it may took more than 20 minutes. And that was on my mid 2013 MBA, mind you. An almost obselete machine.

Today, saya sedang cuba untuk update Windows 10 saya on my 2018 HP PC, which has an i5 processor. Kalau dikira dari segi performance, should be without any issue. Yet, they found the Intel RST thing.

Comparing MAC and Windows is like comparing an Apple (?) with an Orange. Not to say that Windows 10 is a failure. I admit that it has faster startup process than my previous Windows. I’ve used windows since Windows 3.1 . Vista was the most annoying. 7 was good but could not compete with the startup process of my Mac. Then when 10 came, I was delighful because eventhough Mac was much more faster but 10 startup speed did not dissapoint me. Then came forced update thing. For me it was good as it kept my PC secured but than came the errors plus various issues in the update process.

Lama-lama jadi takut pula setiap kali forced update ni muncul. Paling menyampah bila dia muncul waktu saya nak siapkan kerja penting. Memanglah secara teorinya sepatut update ini tak menganggu tapi that is not the case for me and my pc. Some minor updates memang tak menganggu but major update were all disturbing.

Saya difahamkan selepas ini Windows akan memberi option whether we want to install the update or not. I don’t see the option in my PC yet. In the meantime my Mac tadi benar-benar memberi kelegaan untuk menyiapkan kerja-kerja saya. And this new Mac OS Mojave memang nampak laju dari my previous Mac OS. Boot time pun pantas, almost identical to my Samsung Tab.

So now it was almost 35 minutes since I started installing my Windows and it shows only 73% installing. Slow compared to Mac. 

If all my officemates are using Mac, I may have abandon Windows.

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