Saturday, September 26, 2015

Five Year Old Watch

Bila saya belek-belek jam di tangan saya, tali nya telah usang dan warna pun semakin pudar. Lantas saya buka blog lama saya untuk pastikan bulan dan tahun bila saya miliki jam ini. Rupanya saya beli pada bulan Disember 2010 dan hampir 5 tahun jam tersebut saya miliki. 

Imbas kembali entri blog saya ketika itu mengenai jam tangan saya ini dibawah :-

Type GShock Mudman in youtube to see the strength of Mudman

The information above is for my new watch, the Casio GShock G9000 3V Mudman. I bought this last Thursday at City Chain Jusco Bukit Raja. I paid RM 305 (10% discount) and comes with a year warranty from Casio, Box and user manual. I chose GShock because I want a tough watch. My previous Bonia Watch had sapphire glass on it which would scratch only with diamonds. I expect this GShock watch to last 5-10 years. According to :-

There's a reason why they call G-Shock the toughest watch in the world and these are just some of the many examples. Mud & Shock Resistant, 200M WR, Super Dual Illuminator and 48-city world time...the mission is on. Green resin band digital watch with black face.
Source :

The price stated at the time of view is USD 99 and according to live rates from, 99.00 USD = 306.454 MYR.

A friend of mine told me why I bought this Casio as there are plenty of replicas being sold around RM 30. I told him, I want the toughness and durability of the watch, and I don't mind if people mistaken my watch for the replica. 


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