Friday, October 09, 2020

Samsung Tab A7 2020 - Acceptable Price and Performance


Entri ini ditaip menggunakan Samsung Tab A7 yang baru dilancarkan pada bulan September 2020. Saya connect pada bluetooth keyboard Logitech K480 untuk memudahkan proses menaip. Boleh lah berangan macam pakai Microsoft Surface.Nak beli Surface tak berapa mampu. Maklumlah marhain. Saya jual Samsung Tab A6 10.1 saya kepada seorang rakan dan dengan menggunakan hasil jualan tersebut, saya topup sikit duit saya sendiri dan pergi ke Samsung Setia City Mall berjumpa Nadia untuk beli Tab A7 saya. 

Saya memang dah kerap berurusan dengan Nadia sejak 4-5 tahun lepas di kedai yang sama. So untuk Tab A7 ini, saya contact dulu Nadia tanya ada tak Tab tersebut di kedai. Ini kerana Tab tersebut baru launch di Malaysia, so takut takde stok. She told me that ada 2 sahaja stok baru masuk besides display set so saya terus book 1. Then when I reached the store,Nadia dah uruskan everything termasuk standby nak tekan enter on her warranty system. Just tunggu saya buat payment je. I told her that I do not need to set things up as I will do it on my own. 

So here I am, after 3 days of usage. Frankly speaking, saya berpuas hati dengan pembelian saya kali ini. Eventhough wife saya remind bahawa saya tak mahu dah beli produk Samsung ( as shown by my new TV purchase which I chose Panasonic instead of Samsung), but I told her this Tab does not use an Amoled display. 

I already explain clearly in my blog on why I still use tablet besides my smartphone. One of the main reason is because it is used for reading my e-content such as ebooks and pdf files. Dengan size 10.4 inch (my previous tab A6 was 10.1), it's almost as identical as holding a book. Dan nampak jelas bila membaca. 

Another thing is I like to use it as my information storage tool during meetings and my classes. It's a magic place where I like to use to refer things when the need arises. Dan kalau di rumah, saya prefer guna tablet untuk browse internet, kalau guna phone nanti dapat gangguan whatsapp.

Ok back to my experience guna Tab A7 2020 ni, as my previous Tab is A6 10.1 which was released on 2016, you can surely expect the speed difference between both tabs. For sure saya dapat merasakan bahawa my new A7 Tab is much more faster. Startup a bit faster, but in terms of reading heavily graphic pdf files, using A7 Tab is much more smoother and loads extremely well. My previous A6 Tab tak smooth in reading those heavy pdf's. For example when I scroll the pdf pages quickly, A6 hanya bertahan few pages and then you will see empty pages. Kena tunggu few seconds baru nanti slowly text and graphics akan load. Meanwhile this new A7 Tab tiada masalah seperti disebutkan. Semua smooth. 

For gaming purpose, I don't play games on my tabs so I could not compare anything. Browsing the internet is much more faster and smoother with my A7. Battery I do not know yet but I do see that it has some similarities with A6. It's much more long lasting than a smartphone. This A7 claims to have quicker charging time as it uses type C Usb.

Graphic is still the same as it uses a non Amoled display. It is acceptable to me. The drawback is it does not come with a S Pen. Kawan saya yang beli saya punya Tab A6 suka betul dengan S Pen yang ada. Guess I need to find an independent stylus pen. But frankly speaking, sepanjang saya guna A6 Tab, amat jarang saya keluarkan S pen untuk menulis. I am more to reading using tablet than writing using it. Even my Note 10 Lite saw its S Pen being very rarely used. 

I think you can find the spec comparison between both and also some better hands on review for this new Samsung Tab A7. As for me, the speed is sufficient enough for me. Minus the lack of S Pen, it can be a handy tool for meetings and presentation. Another big thing for me to upgrade is the A6 has only 16gb storage on board while this A7 has 32gb which leaves me with a lot of room to install apps. All of my documents and other media files are stored in my 32GB SD Card.

Eventhough this new A7 tab boast a 10.4 inch size, bigger than the 10.1 inch A6, but the A7 is a bit smaller than A6. I had compared both tabs and saw A7 is much more vertically oriented than A6. It is more suitable to use it horizontally. The speaker is much more louder than A6 as it had more speakers on board. A7 pun ada option on Dolby Atmos tapi saya tak nampak ke Dolbyan nya, compared to my old Note 9. Note 10 Lite speaker memang hampeh. 

So the bottom line, saya upgrade sebab speed and storage on board. Dan 1 lagi main thing is A7 yang saya beli ni wifi version. My previous A6 Tab is LTE version. Tapi jarang letak sim. Lagi-lagi phone sekarang dah boleh mobile hotspot so just connect to my hotspot sahaja. 

The price is RM 999. Get it from the nearest Samsung Store. And this is not a paid review, but I have to fork out my own money to buy the device. 

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