Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Life After The Viva

Hampir terlupa kewujudan nizamyunus.com sehinggalah rakan sekerja bertanya pada saya, 'Bro, How's life after Viva?'

So I would like to share it to all of you. Firstly, I did not take long to rest after the Viva. I was given 6 months maximum for correction, which means that it had to be done completely including submitting hardcover bound thesis within 6 months, which in my case, will end in February 2020. But for me to attend the convocation in April 2020, which happened to be my birthday month, I need to submit my thesis much earlier. 

My Viva Day was on a hazeless Thursday and I started to work on my correction the following Monday. As I post this entry, I am proud to say that I had finished my correction given by my examiners especially my international examiners who told me to look into the digitization aspect of preserving records. 

I just need to do some typo correction and few technical glitches. Am I free now? Not to say No but also not a big Yes. Still got lotsa work to do but on the PhD part, yeah I am nearing the finishing line. 

So this is my life after Viva, still busy with work, need to settle the final examination matters and also class. And I am writing this as I listen to the song 'Send Me An Angel' by Scorpions while enjoying the almost clear blue sky again since the HAZE attack.


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