Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Buying Perfume at Mitsui KLIA

And again, me, my wife and the kids visited Mitsui last Sunday. Saya bekerja separuh hari last Sunday so after reaching home from office, rehat sebentar and off we go. 

Perjalanan ke Mitsui was around 45 minutes. Kenderaan pun banyak, so mode slow-mo was activated. My intention was to find a birthday present untuk diri sendiri which saya dah tetapkan sebelum ini iaitu Perfume. Before this survey at shopping malls and retail shop, cannot tahan the price, 100ml standard around RM 280-RM 400 ( for my selection of perfume, I know there are perfumes that costs more). 50 ml pun dah reaching RM 250 for my desired perfume. 

So when I reach Mitsui, as usual terus ke My News dulu belikan jajan untuk budak-budak ni and then singgah kedai coklat, jajan untuk budak-budak ni and my wife. Then baru la ke kedai perfume, namanya Beauty Scent. Masuk-masuk je dah melambak perfume 50ml-100ml tengah sale just RM 100. Masuk dalam lagi..ada perfume sale RM 200 ke atas. Paco Rabanne 1million, BlackXS and Invictus set, price is RM 250. This is set ya ladies and gentleman, which consist of 100ml EDT, 10ml EDT in travel bottle (spray) and another 100 ml of body shampoo. Gilos, this would easily cost nearly RM 300 or more outside.

So as usual, my perfume is chosen by my wife, and she chose Paco Rabanne Invictus set which costs me RM 250. 1 Million set costs RM 240. Black XS saya lupa whether its 240 or 250. All the sets consists of things yang saya mentioned above. Dunhill Icon 100ml RM 290 standalone bottle. Dunhill desire 100ml I think costs around RM 200 or RM 220. Last week saya ada tanya satu kedai ni, dia jual Dunhill Desire 100ml around RM 290 with free plastic bag.

So when I had mine, wife nak beli Elizabeth Arden Green Tea EDP 100ml ..costs RM 100. A quick search online reveal the ONLINE price of Invictus around RM 290 (standalone-not set) while the Green Tea was around RM 250. 

So here we are, back home with our new perfumes. Masa nak balik pun slow-mo sebab bukan kerana kenderaan banyak tapi sebab letih. Asar dan Magrib di surau Mitsui.Total damage was  RM 8 for parking (it's RM 2 per hour ya), RM 30 belanja makan budak-budak and wife, RM 30 for chocolates and RM 350 for two perfumes including one perfume shampoo and 10ml travel perfume. Don't forget toll, RM 6.20 x 2.

Macam biasa, rambang mata kat Mitsui, tersangkut wife beli Levi's jeans for RM 179, wife kata murah dari harga luar. Sampai sekarang belum pakai sebab belum alter kaki. Bottom line is, this is the place for affordable branded materials.

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